Lightning Giveaway

Do you like lightning? How about playing with deluxe wooden lightning bolts in your favorite games?

To build up some energy (see what I did there?) in advance of our upcoming Kickstarter launch for Gearworks, we're giving away some yellow and orange lightning bolts (your choice) to 5 lucky gamers! Just join our Gearworks Facebook group. Get an extra entry for joining our email list. We'll announce winners on Sunday, Sept 10 on the Facebook group!

Lightning bolts like these are included in Gearworks and are in the deluxe version of Flag Dash!

About Gearworks:
  • Steampunk strategy card game.
  • For fans of Sudoku.
  • Gorgeous art, captivating gameplay.
  • 2-4 players, 30-40 min, Ages 10+
Box cover and card back art for Gearworks!



September 5, 2017


September 5, 2017
I am shocked with this giveaway! :P

Tracy Monahan

September 5, 2017
Wow I am very attracted to the art you have teased...This alone gets me hooked enough to check out the campaign. good luck.

Kirk Dennison

September 7, 2017
Love the fun comments! Lightning bolts are quickly becoming a company staple for us (2 releases with them now). Thanks Tracy - I am glad you like the art!

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