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Flag Dash in middle of game

Flag Dash

A tactical team game of capture-the-flag!

2-4 Players | 30 Min | Ages 8+

Flag Dash components set up to start playing

Flag Dash is a board game of capture the flag featuring movement programming and asymmetrical player powers. Secretly plan your moves to outmaneuver the opposing team! Will your opponents ruin your plans, or will you return home victoriously with the flag?

6 Flag Dash character illustrations

You play as one of several childhood friends who promised to play their favorite pastime again after they "grew up." Choose from 6 fun characters with unique abilities, including the Wanna-be Ninja, Modern Cowboy, & Crazy Cat Lady!


Flag Dash cards and priority tokens

1) Plan moves

Each player secretly plans two moves, with an action card and priority token face-down for each move.

Actions include all four movement directions, push, flag, and copy.

2) Resolve moves

Each player reveals their priority token for their first move. In order from lowest to highest numbered token, players make their first move.


Then, repeat this for the players' second moves.

Flag Dash in play on table
Flag Dash being played outside on a table

3) Cleanup

Each player discards their priority tokens and returns their action cards to hand.


Continue playing until one team returns home with the opposing team's flag or collects a complete set of flags the opposing characters are wearing! 

How to Play Video


Base Game

  • 38 Cards

  • 78 Game Tokens

  • 6 Wood Pawns

  • 6 Wood Walls

  • 2 Wood Flags

  • 1 Wood Tiebreak Marker

  • 4 Player Screens

  • 1 Double-sided Game Board

  • 1 Rulebook (download in English)

Deluxe Upgrade

  • 4 Character Cards

  • 4 Wood Pawns

  • 12 Tokens for New Characters
  • 2 Wood Flag Stands
  • 18 Other Wood Pieces
Flag Dash components laid out
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