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Rurik: Dawn of Kiev

Seize your destiny and claim the throne! Build, tax, and fight.

1-4 Players | 30 Min / Player | Ages 13+

Read the latest about the status of Rurik.

Rurik components laid out

Rurik is a euro-style realm building game featuring area majority, resource management, and an innovative “auction programming” mechanic.

Rurik game in progress on table

You are a royal successor caught in a power struggle to rule a historic European kingdom. Your claim to the throne requires careful management of both troops and advisors.


Win over the hearts of the people by being a well-rounded leader!

Several cards for Rurik on a table
8 Rurik plastic miniatures


Rurik strategy board, filled with wood pieces

1) Bid for actions

Openly bid for actions with your advisors in this novel "auction programming" mechanic.


Higher numbered advisors earn greater benefits, but lower numbered advisors resolve their actions sooner.

2) Resolve actions

Take turns resolving advisors, starting with your lowest numbered advisor - regardless of which action column it is on - and perform the action.

Establish your legacy by constructing buildings and performing great deeds or pursue your own agenda by ruling large areas of land and collecting tribute.

Rurik game in progress, zoomed in on miniature
Rurik scoring board with tokens on it

3) Advance on tracks

At the end of the round, determine how far you advance in your quest to claim the throne.

Your endeavors are recorded in the annals of history. In future rounds, you never lose progress you've made previously!

4) Score points

At the end of four rounds, score points based on your success in ruling lands, building, and trading. You may also score points from warfare, your great deeds, and your secret agenda.

The player with the most points becomes the next ruler of Kievan Rus!

Rurik household mat with tokens and coins on it

How to Play Video

Dynamic Solo Mode

Rurik features an engaging single player experience with 4 levels of difficulty. The AI changes between 3 modes throughout the game and within each mode has a different approach to bidding and resolving actions.


The dynamic automa opponent only reveals one bid at a time so you are never quite sure how it will play!

Rurik solo mode components

Culture Heritage

Rurik brings to life the ancient culture of Kievan Rus - a medieval empire to which many Eastern Europeans trace their roots - with game design by Russian designer Stanislav Kordonskiy and illustrations by Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Radetskyi.

4 Rurik leader illustrations
4 more Rurik leader illustrations

Although Rurik is currently sold out, there are a limited number of add-ons still available. This includes the Plastic Player Trays & Intrigue Cards (both included in the Kickstarter edition) and the Metal Coins.

Rurik metal coins in a pile
Rurik player trays with pieces in them


Retail Edition [PKR1300]

  • 71 Plastic Miniatures (8 @ 40+ mm scale, 63 @ 28 mm scale)

  • 4 Plastic Leader Bases

  • 66 Wooden Resources

  • 36 Wooden Structures

  • 24 Wooden Advisors

  • 12 Wooden Claim Markers

  • 4 Wooden Warfare Markers

  • 1 Wooden First Player Marker

  • 27 Scheme Cards

  • 26 Deed Cards

  • 11 Agenda Cards

  • 19 Solo Cards

  • 8 Leader Cards

  • 4 Reference Cards

  • 36 Punchboard Coins

  • 30 Variant Tokens

  • 8 Conversion Tokens

  • 4 Household Mats

  • 1 Game Board

  • 1 Claim Board

  • 1 Strategy Board

  • 1 Round Marker

  • 1 Rulebook (download in English)

Kickstarter Edition [PKR1301]

  • Adds 4 Plastic Player Trays & Lids

  • Adds 11 Intrigue Cards

Playmat and metal coins sold separately.

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